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Discover the strengths of Forge de Laguiole

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The Handle

Precious wood, horn, bone or even mammoth molar - we carefully select the materials for our handles. By hand, our knifemakers carve and shape each individual handle.

The Cut

Our knives are world-famous for their excellent cut. It comes from the perfect interplay of the quality of the steel and the perfect processing of the blades by our knife smiths. For us, a perfect cut quality also means that the blade stays sharp for a long time.

The Guillochage - Collection knives

Delicacy, complexity, aesthetics: guillochage, a goldsmith's work, combines all of these. A particularly filigree pattern is created from several interweaving wavy lines. The decoration is worked into the front of our table knives and the nib of our folding knives.

The Bee - Folding knife Collection

The bee on our knives from the Collection series by Forge de Laguiole® is chiselled by hand with a file and awl. According to legend, the presence of Napoleon's imperial symbol is a tribute to the courage of the people of Laguiole by Napoleon himself.

Monobloc knife

The simple and elegant monobloc knife is made from one piece of high-quality steel - forged at 1000°C. The blade combines exceptional edge retention and unparalleled corrosion resistance. The blade combines exceptional edge retention and unparalleled corrosion resistance. Thanks to its shape, the handle lies particularly precisely in the hand. As the knives are waterproof, maintenance is particularly easy.

The Stainless Steel

The blades of our knives are forged at 1000° in our manufactory. They are made of a French steel produced exclusively for Forge de Laguiole®. This T12 steel is the result of a clever combination of carbon and chrome - it ensures exceptional sharpness, excellent edge retention and remarkable sharpenability, while maintaining the unalterability of the blade.


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