Laguiole & Laguiole


Layole, Laïole or Laguiole? How is Laguiole pronounced?

The word Laguiole is pronounced "Laïole", which comes from the Occitan language

Laguiole is a small village in North Aveyron on the Aubrac Plateau. A much appreciated place, with alleys steeped in history, excellent gastronomy and nestled in a beautiful landscape….
But the name Laguiole also stands for a knife and a cheese.

In the knife industry, Laguiole refers to both an origin and a style of knife.

The story begins in the French village of the same name, Laguiole. It is located in the Aubrac, a high plateau characterized by a
rugged nature. Volcanic and granite stone characterize the environment, which surrounds a very special energy.The particular style of the legendary knives has its origin in an original peasant knife with its curved line, a bow tie and guilloche. Its international recognition has earned the Laguiole knife many imitations around the world. Many of these knives are not even produced in France – they resemble authentic Laguiole knives in appearance, but are absolutely not comparable to the original in quality.

But the village of Laguiole has also given its name to a cheese.

Laguiole cheese is a hard cheese made from whole milk from Aubrac or Simmental cows grazing on the plateau. The burons, a stone building covered with slate, appeared in Aubrac around 1800. During the summer season, the buron served for all the tasks that the shepherds had to do. These small buildings, which can still be found on the Aubrac plateau, served as a house for the shepherds to shelter, sleep, store food and eat. But the burons were also used for the work they had to do. From the milk of the cows they made cheese in the buron, which later became Laguiole cheese. In 1961, Laguiole cheese received a controlled designation of origin, so the tradition of Laguiole cheese continues on the plateau of Aubrac. “

The village of Laguiole is steeped in know-how and history. Come to Laguiole and visit our Forge de Laguiole factory and discover how Laguiole knives are made. We also recommend a visit to the Jeune Montagne cooperative, where you can discover the secrets of the Laguiole cheese. And during this trip you can admire the Burons and the Aubrac cows that line the plateau. A must-see: the emblem of Laguiole – the Aubrac bull, enthroned in the center of the village of Laguioles.


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