The Stainless Steel


The blades of our knives are forged at 1000° in our manufactory. They are made of a French steel produced exclusively for Forge de Laguiole®. This T12 steel is the result of a clever combination of carbon and chrome – it ensures exceptional sharpness, excellent edge retention and remarkable sharpenability, while maintaining the unalterability of the blade.

In cutlery, mainly martensitic stainless steels are used. These steels are very hard and consist of a high proportion of chromium, carbon and other elements that have interesting properties – for example, molybdenum or vanadium. Knife blades must be easy to sharpen, have good machinability and cut well. However: these properties cannot be achieved at the same time. Therefore, a compromise must be found depending on the intended use of the knife. To obtain the hard structure known as martensite, the blade must be subjected to a suitable heat treatment, for example annealing, hardening or tempering.

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