The Blade - Folding knives


The blades of our folding knives are hot forged from French steel and can have a shiny or satin finish. Thanks to our T12 steel, our blades have exceptional sharpness, excellent edge retention and remarkable sharpenability, while always maintaining the unalterability of the blade.

Before you have a ready-to-use blade, numerous manufacturing steps are required. We carry out each of these steps in the heart of our workshop at the Forge de Laguiole.
First, we cut out studs to put in the induction furnace.
The studs are heated to a cherry red colour (900/1000 °C in 6 seconds in the induction oven).
Then the blades are forged with the forge hammer (300 tons of pressure). This gives us a first blank of the blade.
The blade is then cold stamped, marked with the tab and the Forge de Laguiole logo.
The blade is then cut to size. We use dies and a 60-ton press (the waste is remelted).

This is followed by so-called oil hardening, which restructures the metal. To do this, we heat the blades to over 1000 °C for an hour before immediately immersing them in an oil bath that cools the blades. When the blades are cold, they are heated again to 200 °C for annealing. The blades are then ground into a V-shape. This process is done on a machine.

The Laguiole knives of yesteryear had an XC75 carbon blade. This blade is available as an option for our knives, at no extra charge.

We also offer blades in rough forge, a symbol of the skill of our forge.

Forge de Laguiole also offers damascus blades in carbon and stainless steel.


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