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The Forge de Laguiole “Lucky Charm” knife

On March 17, we celebrate Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day with the Forge de Laguiole “Lucky Charm” knife, a nod to the famous shamrock!

To celebrate this wonderful day, slip a little Irish luck into the pockets of your loved ones by giving them the Forge de Laguiole four-leaf clover knife, a nod to the famous shamrock!

Produced in a limited edition of 365 numbered pieces by our master knife-smiths, its “Thé” aged bone handle follows a straight line that ends in a “bec de corbin” and is perfectly enhanced by the woodland guilloche pattern.

The four leaves of the clover are delicately sculpted into the steel of the “mouche”.

The first leaf is said to be for hope, the second for faith, the third for charity and the fourth leaf? for luck!

1012 TF OSV 2 - The Forge de Laguiole "Lucky Charm" knife



Who was Saint Patrick? And why the shamrock?

Saint-Patrick was born in Wales, or even Scotland (opinions differ). Sent by the Pope in 432, Patrick is said to have converted the Irish by explaining the mystery of the Trinity with the help of a shamrock. (A cloverleaf with three leaves!)  After becoming a bishop, he travelled all over Ireland, founding churches and monasteries. At the end, the whole Connemara region became Christian, but there was never a single martyr. March 17, the date of his death in 461, is now a religious feast day for Catholics, a public holiday for Irish citizens and a civil holiday for diasporas the world over, notably in New York, where it’s the occasion for a huge parade.

Dublin pays tribute to the saint with the “St Patrick’s Festival”, which brings together thousands of people every year for a variety of festivities, parades, and fireworks, with everyone wearing a touch of green, i.e. a shamrock in their buttonhole!

1012 TF OSV 11 - The Forge de Laguiole "Lucky Charm" knife


Added charm: as each knife is unique, the look of its handle may vary slightly from one to the next!

The “Lucky Charm” knife is delivered in an elegant packaging with a certificate of authenticity.

Folding knife, 12 cm, Tea” aged bone full handle, chiselled bee and spring, finish satin.

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