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The Forge de Laguiole Cigare Cutter

Because your cigar deserves perfection

You don’t smoke a cigar, you enjoy it. Whether alone or in company – a good cigar brings calm into the hectic everyday life. A ritual that begins with the cut. And that is exactly why we at Forge de
Laguiole have created a cigar cutter for the highest demands. 

Cigar cutter in horn

Cigar cutter in horn

The Cigar’s exact geographical and cultural origins have not been clarified to this day -but their history is even more exciting. Indigenous peoples of South America usedit to get in contact with the gods. In colonial times, British sailors took them all over the world. 

Today it is the symbol of pure pleasure. Especially because in our increasingly hectic world time has become a luxurious asset and the ritual of smoking a cigar demands and promotes just that much desired inner peace. This does not begin with the actual smoking, but much earlier – with the cut. We at Forge de Laguiole have therefore created a cigar cutter that we ourselves have always wanted.

QL7H9216 - The Forge de Laguiole Cigare Cutter

The result: the ideal tool for the highest demands. An essential accessory for cigar lovers. The combination of traditional know-how of our cutlers and perfect elegance. The sharp blades of the scissors provide a clean and precise cut, guaranteeing the flawless enjoyment of your favorite cigar.
You have the choice between five different handle materials : here

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