The Taste

A perfect cut completes a dish. Knives from Forge de Laguiole® preserve the natural flavour of raw or cooked food: The smooth cut retains the aroma-rich juices in the meat, fish or vegetables.

The Bee - Table knives

The bee is the iconic symbol of Laguiole knives.

It is featured on our Tradition range of table knives, with its traditional shape.

On our Design table knives, the bee can take a minimalist or designer form.


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The Handle

Precious wood, horn, bone or even mammoth molar - we carefully select the materials for our handles. By hand, our knifemakers carve and shape each individual handle.

The Guillochage - Tradition Knives

When it comes to guillochage, our master cutlers demonstrate an eye for even the smallest detail. The guillochage consists of various wavy lines that intertwine to create a mostly symmetrical, filigree pattern. This goldsmith's work is worked into the spring of our folding knives or the front of our table knives.

The Blade - Table knives

Our table knives have a so-called tang, an extension of the blade to which the handles are attached.

The quality of the steel and the workmanship of the Forge de Laguiole® blades guarantee exceptional sharpness that enhances your food and preserves all the flavours.


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