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Coutellerie d’Art by Stéphane Rambaud,

It is a tremendous privilege to be able to express myself- while following in the footsteps of our great elders and to create exclusive models as a tribute to those who made the history of the Laguiole Knife.”

Rambaud 15 1 - Coutellerie d'Art by Stéphane Rambaud,


Stéphane Rambaud was born in Lyon but his heart has always been in Aveyron.  He trained at the school for Cutlery and Knife Making in Nogent, where he was awarded the gold medal for best apprentice in 1987. Not yet twenty years old, Stéphane Rambaud was working at the Forge de Laguiole with the oldest of the company’s artist master knife-smiths.

Over the years, while continuing his day-to-day work, he refined and deepened his practice, appropriating the ancient gestures that make a Forge de Laguiole art knife a genuine collector’s item.

The fluted handles made of walnut root, ebony scorpion tail, honeycomb, bone, coral, mammoth molars; the flies that he adorns, according to his imagination, with chiselled bees or carved in the shape of various animal heads, oak leaves, flowers evoking the natural beauties of the Aubrac plateau, pearled shells…; springs, which he engraves with inimitable fantasy in twisted, abstract geometrical forms or in the style of hammered flint finish:  none of the techniques of Laguiole cutlery are foreign to him.


In 2006, at the IWA show in Nuremberg, Germany, his “Esquisse – Forge de Laguiole” knife in damascus steel was awarded 1st prize in the Couteau de Collection category.

Every year for over twenty years, Stéphane Rambaud has been perpetuating this tradition of haute-coutellerie dating back to the 19th century, by creating a range of exclusive models. Created individually and made entirely by hand, these special knives are a delight for lovers of fine objects of culture and art.


This year, Forge de Laguiole has put together a very rich collection for knife aficionados some of them inspired by customers.

Drawing inspiration from old creations, this exceptional collection by Stéphane Rambaud features many new items : here



Black in the spotlight

RAMBAUD 371 3 - Coutellerie d'Art by Stéphane Rambaud,

Folding knife, gold onyx stone handle, stainless steel bolster – Geometric design


RAMBAUD 314 1 - Coutellerie d'Art by Stéphane Rambaud,

Folding knife, ebony handle with pirate skull and brass headband, vertebra spring – carbon damascus blade


RAMBAUD 370 1 - Coutellerie d'Art by Stéphane Rambaud,

Folding knife, dark horn tip handle, Laguiole knife design – munin damascus blade



“Thanks to Forge de Laguiole, I have the tremendous privilege to be able to express myself- while following in the footsteps of our great elders, those who contributed to our Laguiole cutlery heritage by creating unique objects using exceptional materials”.

A fine tribute from a  master knife-smith to his great ancestors, the master knife-smiths who marked the history of France’s most famous knife!

Rambaud violet 5 - Coutellerie d'Art by Stéphane Rambaud,

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