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Thomas Cabrol, best wine bar of the world !

Thomas Cabrol, is the owner of the best wine bar of the world and he is a fan of our knives !


Unknown 4 - Thomas Cabrol, best wine bar of the world !

The wine waiter goes no way without his sommelier with Mammoth ivory handle. 

This very famous oenologist feels free to say that “for my 40th anniversary, my friends bought me a unique work of art from FORGE DE LAGUIOLE. I can’t bear to leave him.” The piece of art is unique; it is a sommelier with a blue mammoth ivory tooth that comes from Siberia. Our factory is glad and proud of this achievement.

We must remind that Thomas Cabrol is wine waiter a little different than the others !

Since the beginning of summer the wine bar, “N°5 Wine Bar” of Thomas Cabrol located in the historical core of the city of Toulouse has been priced as the best wine bar of THE WORLD by the very important magazine “The World of Fine Wine”! Thomas Cabrol and his wife, Anne had already received an award last year as best wine bar of Europe.

The magazine regroups in its jury the biggest names of the wine and the oenology as: Michel Bettane, Bernard Butschy and Thierry Desseauve.

Thomas Cabrol and his team have strengthened the wine list, “N°5 Wine Bar” has now more than 3 300 references. The clients can try many sorts of wine from France and all around the world, from Tasmania or from Japan, for example.

bar a vin n5 bas1 - Thomas Cabrol, best wine bar of the world !

EEven though you can taste different wine in the “N°5 Wine Bar”, the owner, Thomas Cabrol still vibrates for the Bourguignon Chambolle-Musigny and the wines of our region, for their taste and there price.

A place to visit in Toulouse for sure

Opening hours: Every day from 6 PM

N°5 WINE BAR – 5 rue de la Bourse – 31000 Toulouse – FRANCE / Tél : +335 61 38 44 51


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