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The focus on blades made from Damascus steel

Layers of steel for exceptional knives

lame damas laguiole authentiqueThese spectacular Laguiole knives are created by the best Forge de Laguiole goldsmiths.  The handles of Laguiole knives are considered works of art but when forging these knives the blades are not forgotten either. With its natural curves and embedded designs, these blades made of Damascus steel are a true legend.

. The technique: a superposition of steel

The damask blade comes from the superposition of layers of metal. Pounded, stretched and then dipped in acid – which blackens only carbon; artistic curves and patterns appear on the knife blade. This also results in great strength.

Most contemporary knives are made of two types of blades, just like the damask patterns created by Forge de Laguiole in Aubrac.

> Carbon Damascus blade

This blade is created by a more traditional forging technique. A technique that involves stacking alternating hard steel and a softer steel.

r 1012fd cu fc 2 - The focus on blades made from Damascus steel

Laguiole damas lame carbone créé par Stéphane Rambaud

> Damascus steel blade

The Damascus steel is obtained from the more recent steelmaking method: powder metallurgy. Martensitic stainless Damascus steel obtained this way is equivalent to 116 layers of forged damask.

m 1012 f i ananas - The focus on blades made from Damascus steel

Laguiole Ananas avec Laguiole Forge de Laguiole ame damas inox créé par Virgilio Muñoz Caballero

. The history : a blade that originates in Iran

According to literature, this Damascus blade came from Iran, not Syria. This technique of layering metal was founded in Iran. The name of this technique comes from the damask patterns and colors found on the polished steel blade, similar to the moiré pattern of fabric prints manufactured in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

munoz se2949cc2aelection 01 prince qatar - The focus on blades made from Damascus steel

. The maintenance of a damask knife: simplicity

> Carbon Damask Laguiole

We recommend keeping the blade in a dry place. Avoid a leather sheath as it could retain moisture. If oxidation occurs, a light cleaning with talc or argan oil will do, wipe down with a soft cloth.

> Damascus steel knife

Stainless Damask requires no intensive maintenance. Just keep your Laguiole knife stowed away somewhere dry or in a leather case.

damas inox 2 - The focus on blades made from Damascus steel

Magnifique, la lame damas inox permet en outre un entretien facile du laguiole.


All our Laguiole knives with Damascus steel blades are crafted by the best French blacksmiths, courtesy of FORGE DE LAGUIOLE.s.


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