The Cut


Our knives are world-famous for their excellent cut. It comes from the perfect interplay of the quality of the steel and the perfect processing of the blades by our knife smiths. For us, a perfect cut quality also means that the blade stays sharp for a long time.

Grinding the blade

To obtain the optimum sharpness of our knives, grinding is essential for the Laguiole blade – it prepares the sharpness of the blade. In the process, the bevel of the blade is ground, thus creating the characteristic V for a knife blade. This shape gives the blade the quality of sharpness and makes it easy to sharpen, while the thickness of the back of the blade ensures its strength.

The village of Laguiole used to have no stream strong enough to drive a paddle wheel. So the millstones were driven by dogs via belts that ran in rollers.

To use the force of his weight to push the blade, the knifemaker lay falt on a board. Water ran under the millstones to cool and lubricate them.

Sharpening the Laguiole

Today, we work with grinding stones that are ground to micrometre precision. In this way, we achieve a quality and precision that ensures uniform sharpening of the blade.

Only after assembly is the blade of the knife ground to give it its final sharpness.

FORGE DE LAGUIOLE sharpens the entire blades of its knives.

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