How to recognize a real Forge de Laguiole knife ?


Forge de Laguiole knives are made in our manufactory in the village of Laguiole since 1987. When you choose a Forge de Laguiole knife, it means that you are continuing the traditions of our ancestors.

Our knives are recognizable by several features:

The Forge de Laguiole logo

The most recognizable element is our logo on the blade of the knife.
All knives, whether folding knives, table knives or our other products bear the logo of the Forge de Laguiole brand.

Although our logo has changed over the years, its presence is a guarantee of quality and authenticity. It also guarantees you the origin, that is, that your knife was made in our manufacture Forge de Laguiole in Laguiole.

It guarantees above all the traceability of your knife, because the use of the simple word “Laguiole” does not guarantee you the origin, nor does it allow you to deduce the actual place of manufacture and the quality of the product.

You will also find additional information on the heel of our blades. Currently you will find “Fabriqué à Laguiole France – T12”. T12 is the French steel used for our blades. At the moment we are working on a further development of the steel, which will then be marked T14.

The shepherd's cross

It is not an indisputable sign of authenticity.

In the past it was not uncommon to find Laguiole knife handles without the shepherd’s cross and even without any decoration.

Some of our models, whose handles are made of Aubrac cow horn, barrel oak or other precious materials, are not decorated with the shepherd’s cross so as not to damage the surface.

Other models, made to order or in limited edition, may have other shapes such as a circle or a diamond, thus varying the aesthetics of the knife.

However, if the shepherd’s cross is featured on the handle, the rivet alignment is a sign of quality.

The bee and the spring chiselling

The bee: It is the most iconic symbol on Laguiole knives – however, this is not a guarantee of authenticity. The bee was introduced on Laguiole knives at the beginning of the 20th century, before ther symbols were used such as floral motifs, etc..

The aesthetics reflect the quality of the knife, the fine lines and the precision of the chasing are goldsmith art and allow you to recognize a good quality knife. The same goes for the guilloché of the spring, especially in our Collection series. Precision work is done by hand with file and chisel to complete the decoration of the knife.

Welded or forged bee?

All of our Tradition series folding knives from 9 to 12 cm have a forged bee, which means that the bee and the spring are forged from a single piece. As a sign of quality and stability, we have chosen this manufacturing process for most of our Laguiole pocket knives to ensure the highest quality. From the simplest series to our exceptional knives, it is a matter of honor to ensure this quality criterion for all knives.

The bolsters

The mitres/bolster of our knives are also forged and solid. They are assembled and fastened to the plates before assembly, which increases strength and adds weight to the knife. Whether made of stainless steel or brass, they protect the handle during the daily use of the knife.

On some knives, the mitres/bolsters are rimmed. These knives are not manufactured by Forge de Laguiole.

Details of the knife

A Forge de Laguiole knife has a kind of a “stopper” – this protects the blade in case of sudden closure of the knife.

The knifemaker carefully hand adjusts the plate to fit the mitres/bolsters precisely.

The place of production

The shape of the Laguiole knife has been adopted throughout the world. We recommend that you find out the origin of the products and the place of manufacture before you buy your knife.

The price of Forge de Laguiole products reflects the highly skilled French know-how, as well as the use of highest quality materials and the mastery of all the steps to create the folding knife (list steps).

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that a “Laguiole” knife which retails for a few dozen euros, comes from a quality French manufacture….

Our manufacture Forge de Laguiole is located in the village of Laguiole on the Aubrac Plateau. We invite you to discover our know-how and the secrets of making a Forge de Laguiole knife: our workshops are open all year round from Monday to Friday. In July and August we offer free guided tours.


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