All the metals parts for the Forge de Laguiole knives are made within our manufactory, in the village of Laguiole in France

Our T12 steel is a French steel hot-rolled by the Aciéries de Bonpertuis (next to Grenoble). This steel is an alternative between carbon steel and all-stainless steel. It has a good balance between carbon and chromium. It is structured in very fine grains, which guarantees excellent cutting quality, durability and good resistance to oxidation.

Steel must meet very strict criteria:

  • Excellent cut
  • Abrasion resistance to wear and tear
  • Easy sharpening and polishing.
  • Good oxidation resistance.

All bolsters (mitres) are forged and fixed on a metal liner, which will be drilled and polished before the assembly of the knives takes place. These bolsters are solid and are made of brass or steel, they help to protect the handle during daily use.

More details about the handles

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