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Subfossil oak Millennium knife by Laguiole

Focus on the handle of Laguiole

Nature shaped man and man shaped this beautiful subfossil oak knife handle.

plaine du rhin - Subfossil oak Millennium knife by Laguiole

La plaine du Rhin a enfanté des manches de couteaux uniques.


This is the story of a knife handle that came from the depths of time, even before the appearance of man and long before metal work. The story began 50 million years ago, when the Rhine turned into a plain, receiving sediments and sands that covered it year after year. Trees and plants grew and were destroyed or imprisoned. As human started exploiting the soil, fossilized oaks dating back more than 5,000 years were discovered. Most of these were recovered and dated by Claude Wernert, a remarkable and passionate wood species researcher. Several trunks were transferred to the Forge de Laguiole in order to be turned into wonderful knife handles.

The fossilized laguiole knife, a tribute to Nature and to Man

couteau laguiole chene fossilise - Subfossil oak Millennium knife by Laguiole

La finition Chêne Fossile offre une grande solidité au couteaux de table Forge de Laguiole.


These trunks are distinguished by their exceptional resistance to parasites. Rot-resistant, oak is difficult to work on because over the years the wood has been able to adapt and defend itself. The slightest crack is filled with mineral particles that can damage tools. Oak is very hard and very fragile at the same time. We need all the expertise of experienced Forge de Laguiole cutlers to transform this ancient wood.  The wood distinguishes itself by its natural shine and exceptional water resistance. The subfossil oak handle is now available in a beautiful collection of folding knives with chiselled bee, table knives and the Laguiole sommelier.

From wood to knife handle… a bit of history

-3234  -2279 BC. AD: Claude Wernert’s precise dating of the subfossil oak now found in Laguiole knife handles;
– 3000 BC. AD: discovery of iron in the north of the Persian Gulf;
-1500 BC. AD: first appearance of blacksmiths in the South Caucasus;
2000 AD: online Laguiole subfossil oak collection produced by Forge de Laguiole.

sommelier laguiole chene subfossile - Subfossil oak Millennium knife by Laguiole

La collection millénaire Chêne Subfossile se retrouve dans cette magnifique série Sommelier Laguiole.

In these Laguiole knife handles lays a beautiful bit of history, that of nature; and in its blades, we find the story of passionate cutlers at the top of their trade.

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