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Laguiole folding knife maintenance guide

Wondering how to sharpen your Laguiole knife? Or how to maintain your knife? 
Forge de Laguiole gives you a few keys to keeping your Laguiole folding knife looking its best for longer.

A Laguiole knife should not be washed, it must be wiped.

The natural materials of the handle, such as precious woods or horn, are sensitive to humidity; it is therefore preferable to keep your knife in a dry place.

To maintain the mechanism of your folding knife it is necessary to add a drop of oil from time to time.

Nettoyage Controle qualite 15 - Laguiole folding knife maintenance guide

After using your Laguiole folding knife …

To remove food residue, we recommend that you wipe the blade with a soft cloth or sponge that is slightly damp and then wipe it immediately with a dry cloth.

It is important not to let the blade snap shut when closing it to avoid blunting the edge with a sudden closure.

You can put your Laguiole knife in a sheath to protect it.


Nettoyage Controle qualite 33 - Laguiole folding knife maintenance guide


To find out more about how to care for your Laguiole knife, read our Laguiole folding knife care guide here.

Download our guide here

By following these simple care instructions, you can preserve your Forge de Laguiole folding knife for many years to come, and pass it on to future generations!

If you would like to call on our after-sales service, you can contact us at Please include a photo of your knife with your request so that we can identify it. Once this initial contact has been made, our team will then tell you the steps to follow for the proper handling of your knife. We provide repair and after-sales service on all the knives produced in our Forge de Laguiole workshops (subject to the availability of certain raw materials and spare parts).


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