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Prestigious knives designed by Forge de Laguiole and Belem Foundation

Exclusive Laguiole pocket knives created out of historical wood

A series of knives that symbolizes the partnership of Laguiole and the historical ship Belem

belem face - Prestigious knives designed by Forge de Laguiole and Belem Foundation

Old wood from famous Three-master Belem brought back to life with a series of knives © Jean-Eric Lavenir




Passionate about heritage, La Forge de Laguiole and the Belem Foundation created
a partnership by making a series of pocket knives that will appeal to lovers of tradition (and long journeys.) The knives are made from wood of the prestigious Belem and the emblem of the ship is featured on the knives.

  • Two exclusive knives made of Belem mahogany

m 1212f acajou ancre belem - Prestigious knives designed by Forge de Laguiole and Belem Foundation

Forge de Laguiole knives made of Belem mahogany.

belem maillon compresse2949cc2ae - Prestigious knives designed by Forge de Laguiole and Belem Foundation

Detail of Belem anchor chain © Jean-Eric Lavenir

The handle of the Belem Forge de Laguiole knives is made of rare Cuban mahogany pieces from 1914, straight from the captain’s cabin of the Belem. The knives are crafted by the great Virgilio Muñoz, French master cutler. One of the knives has an anchor replacing the traditional bee and features anchor chain on the spring, the other has a picture of the boat as seen from the front and port lines on the spring. The plates and bolsters of these two knives are made of brass and clearly refer to the fittings of the three-master.

Both models are 12 cm long and numbered. They come with a certificate of authenticity and are presented in a black lacquered wooden box.

These Laguiole knives are unique and on sale at the coutellerie de Lodi,
5 rue de Lodi, 13006 Marseille, France. Tel. (+33) (0)4 91 94 11 92


  • Limited and numbered edition of Laguiole teak knives

    Manche en bois d'amourette pour ce Laguiole pliant tire- bouchon Belem

    Teak for this wonderful Laguiole pocket with corkscrew comes from the Belem.

© Jean-Eric Lavenir

© Jean-Eric Lavenir

The teak handle of this exceptional series comes from the bridge of Belem. They are created of parts that were removed while the Belem was restored. Manufactured within the limits of available stock, these knives come with a corkscrew, smooth spring and stylized bee. The exclusive spring and stylized bee were inspired by the hardware of the famous ship. The two engravings on the spring and slide personalize this model.

The knife is 12 cm long and comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as knife number. It is presented in a black lacquered wooden box.


  • Laguiole Belem knife with amourette wood handle

The Laguiole and Belem Foundation consumer version is 12 cm long and distinguished by its wooden handle of Guyanese amourette wood. It recalls the travelling merchants of Belem. An engraving of the silhouette of the famous ship on its blade guarantees its origins. Its polished finishing shows the beautiful characteristics of amourette wood. This knife comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Le teck provient du roof du Belem récemment restauré.

Laguiole pocket with an amourette wood.

The blades are T12 French unalterable steel (Bonpertuis steel, Isère) for Forge de Laguiole. They have a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.


Visit the legendary three-master Belem

Classé monument historique, le Belem s'ouvre aux visiteurs à chaque accostage, ainsi qu'aux stages de navigation en haute mer. © Jean-Eric Lavenir

The historical three-master welcomes visitors aboard. Navigation courses are also hosted on Belem.                  © Jean-Eric Lavenir

L'ancre de Belem se retrouve dans cette série de couteaux prestigieux. © Jean-Eric Lavenir

The anchor of Belem on the exclusive laguiole knife series. © Jean-Eric Lavenir

Built and launched in Nantes in 1896, the three-master Belem is one of the most prestigious and oldest sailing ships in the world that still sets sail regularly.
In the past the Belem was used to transport cocoa.  She was acquired by the Duke of Westminster in 1914, and he used her for pleasure. The three-master then changed owners as well as nationalities numerous times before returning under the French flag in 1979.

Today, the Belem Foundation owns the three-master and enabled proper restoration.  On Belem navigation courses are offered. She gives everyone a chance to learn more about sailing aboard the only living witness of the French merchant fleet of nineteenth century.

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