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Recognize an authentic Laguiole knife

Laguiole knives are appreciated by many people all over the world because of their quality and the craftsmanship behind each knife. But exactly because of this popularity, many cheap copies exist.  So many “Laguiole” knives on the market have nothing at all to do with the french traditional craftsmanship.

That’s why we show you seven characteristics by which you can recognize an authentic Laguiole knife, which has really deserved its name.

The logo

Every authentic manufacturer like us at the Forge de Laguiole stamps his own name/logo on the blade.

Inferior models often have only the name “Laguiole” or made-up manufactory names engraved.

The blade

At the Forge de Laguiole, our blades are hot forged in our workshop in Laguiole, with a stainless steel T14 from France.  Forge de Laguiole knives have an enormously sharp and smooth blade.

Imitations often have serrated blades. These tear the food instead of cutting it. This destroys the fibers of the food. Meat and vegetables lose so much moisture and are less juicy.


Knife aesthetics

The rivets on high quality Laguiole knives are aligned in a line.
In cheap imitations, the center rivet is often offset upward. This makes the work process easier and is often a sign of mass production by machine.

On a Forge de Laguiole knife, the transition between the bolsters and the handle is slightly rounded and extremely precise. This requires a high level of craftsmanship and experience. 
In mass-produced knives, the transition is often straight and less finely crafted. 


The weight

High quality Laguiole knives are made of fine materials and steel. The individual parts are forged and then riveted. Therefore, they have a respectable weight. What’s more, at Forge de Laguiole we use solid stainless steel bolsters, which we forge in our workshop. This gives the knife ideal weight and a more comfortable grip.

Imitations are much lighter because they contain a lot of plastic and aluminum. The individual parts are sometimes glued together.

The price

Fine materials and genuine craftsmanship have their price. Our knives are created in our manufactory in Laguiole in up to 200 working steps – all by hand.

With machine-made knives from low-wage countries, a large part of the costs are eliminated. Imitations can’t compete in the materials processed, either.


Forge de Laguiole offers a wide range of folding knives, table knives, tableware, sommelier knives and other products made in our Laguiole workshop. Each product bears witness to our commitment to French quality and precision.

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