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Pinot Noir, new decorative option for customizable corkscrews Laguiole

An unforgettable wine tasting with «Pinot Noir», the new decorative option for all customizable corkscrews Sommeliers Forge de Laguiole.

To those, experts or restaurateurs who wish to offer their hosts a unique wine tasting, To those gourmets, wine lovers of collectible “Grands Crus” or interested in smart buys who want to make the most of a memorable time, Forge de Laguiole introduces «Pinot Noir», its new decorative option for its range: «Le Sommelier».

Whatever the model selected, each Forge de Laguiole customer may have the cape, (upper part of the lever), engraved with an original pattern.

Customizable Laguiole corkscrews made in France

The option is available for all “wine waiters corkscrews” The range starts with the “Pinot Noir” design inspired by the shape of the vine branches and the foamy leaves of the famous grape variety.

Combining the beauty of exceptional materials for handles, a patented system technology and this “finish” given by the know-how of its “maitres-couteliers”: day after day, Forge de Laguiole re-creates its traditions.

Le Sommelier laguiole Pinot Noir

With «Le Sommelier Pinot Noir», let’s offer the unforgettable!

Zoom on pinot noir

Pinot noir is one of the oldest French grape varieties. Cultivated in the east and north-east of France at the time of the Romans, it became famous thanks to the monasteries, and played a big part in   the history of the wines of Burgundy. Later, it crossed the Rhin and then the Atlantic, bringing to the New World his organoleptic complexity, (a combination of shades of red fruits, enriched with scents of leather) and the beauty of its color.

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