News - Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Manage growth for sustainable development

thierry moysset - Manage growth for sustainable development

Thierry Moysset, Forge de Laguiole’s director

Great potential is there: tradesmen, tradition, expertise and production tools, now it is up to Forge de Laguiole to accelerate its development, especially its international progress, to ensure sustainable expansion. In order to do so, a new partner has been found. Mr. Jeannet, head of an entrepreneurial Swiss family-run group with international connections, will invest in the business and take on posts within the company.

Thierry Moysset remains Forge de Laguiole’s director as well as a shareholder, Jean-Marc Calvet is still an administrator and Roland Jeannet will join the team as manager of the family group.

This change in ownership will not impact any jobs, or the policy of the current company (quality, expertise and territoriality).

“To date, the team recovered from a difficult situation (in April 2007) but it is important to continue and even accelerate the development of our business to ensure its continued existence. It is strategic to build on a new partner for a long-term vision and the ability to invest. This is an opportunity for our company, our product, our territory… to continue this adventure… ,”

Thierry Moysset

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