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A Laguiole knife and a chef: Meet Jeremmy Parjouet and Dandy

Jeremmy Parjouet, creates first-class flavors

This is the first Michelin star for Jeremmy Parjouet, celebrated chef of the Becher Gare restaurant in Luxembourg. We asked him to share his special recipe with us, created with the ‘Dandy’ Laguiole pocket knife

image001 - A Laguiole knife and a chef: Meet Jeremmy Parjouet and Dandy

Jeremmy Parjouet, chef at Becher Gare restaurant in Bech near Echternach (Luxembourg), has just won his first Michelin star. A recognition deserved for this effervescent Champenois who creates what is aptly named “mood food.” His inventive recipes call for Laguiole knives, especially the ‘Dandy’, a Laguiole folding knife designed by Thomas Bastide for Forge de Laguiole.

This culinary ‘end of winter’ creation that Jeremmy Parjouet and Forge de Laguiole want to share with you is an ode to sometimes forgotten vegetables accompanied by citrus and passion fruit. It creates a brightly colored plate with a salty, sweet texture. It is a beautiful blend of visual and gastronomic plate details where sauces shine like gems, as they are placed like drops of rosé that reflect the iridescent crystal cabochon of the Laguiole knife. The ruby red finish of the Dandy pocketknife creates a perfect harmony.

Becher Gare Restaurant – 1, Bécher Gare, 6230 Bech, Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 621 340 111 or +352 26 78 40 04 – –

The ruby red Dandy, design Laguiole pocket knife

laguiole dandy - A Laguiole knife and a chef: Meet Jeremmy Parjouet and Dandy

Pumpkin/carrots/oranges/passion fruit

Recipe for 8 people


1/2 Red Kuri pumpkin (Hokkaido)
½ pumpkin (small)
1 butternut squash (butternut squash)
4 Créance carrots
2 black carrots
3 oranges, preferably blood oranges
4 passion fruits
2l of fresh orange juice
1/2 l of fresh blood orange juice
1 l of fresh carrot juice
½ liquid cream at 35%
Butter, salt, Espelette chili pepper, granulated sugar

becher gare - A Laguiole knife and a chef: Meet Jeremmy Parjouet and Dandy

At night

Preheat oven to th.5 / 150 ° C.
Raise the top of the oranges, keep the orange peel intact and cut them into small pieces. Put them in a saucepan with 1 liter of orange juice, 150 g of sugar and a pinch of salt.
Put in the oven and let roast during the night (turn oven off.)

The next day

Mix and strain through cheesecloth.

Put the carrot juice and half of the orange juice in a pan and reduce until syrupy; do the same with the blood orange juice.
Cut the Red Kuri pumpkin into 8 equal parts.
Peel the small pumpkin, leave one quarter on the side and cut the rest into 8 equal parts.
Cut 8 1/ 2 slices of butternut, mix the remaining half to a kind of semolina.
Cut the rest of the butternut and pumpkin into cubes, fry in butter over low heat, and add cream.
Let simmer 1/2 hour, mix and strain through a sieve: puree should be quite liquid, add more cream if necessary.

Brush carrots without peeling, cut in equal pieces, cut in length if necessary.

Preheat oven to th.4 / 120 ° C
Put the pieces of Red Kuri pumpkin and those of the small pumpkin on a plate lightly greased with olive oil, monitor cooking: check with the point of a knife to see if the pumpkin parts are properly cooked. They should be slightly firm.

Melt a bit of butter in a pan, add the carrots and cook covered over low heat and add a little orange juice if needed. Do the same with the pieces of butternut squash.

In another pan, melt a bit of butter, add the semolina butternut, moisten with orange juice and cook. Reheat the vegetables, cut the carrots into “tagliatelles”, season with olive oil, sea salt and a passion fruit.

Dress the plate harmoniously with all the elements: orange, passion fruit, condiments and vegetables.

Arrange the plate near or next to the Dandy Laguiole pocket knife.

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