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Happy birthday Alain Delon!

When the Samourai met the little prince … of design

Alain Delon and French designer Ora-ïto have many things in common among which a certain sense of pure simplicity –the famous less is more promoted by German architect Mies Van der Rohe – and two dazzling blue eyes.

alain delon birthday - Happy birthday Alain Delon!

Mesmerizing eyes of Alain Delon always in our memories!



Joyful when “Tom” wanders about Mongibello’s market in Plein Soleil,  jealous when “Tancrède” watches out for Angelica and the Prince Salina dancing in “Le guépard , resolute when “Le Samouraï” picks up his money on the footbridge, but always challenging as those of the Ora-ïto can be.

That is to say how genuine was the encounter between the greatest French actor and the most visionary designer of his generation.


The result is this amazing and unique knife:  “LE SAMOURAI” laguiole knife!

laguiole samourai - Happy birthday Alain Delon!

Black and White as Yin and Yang…

Reinterpreting with keen intelligence the smooth ergonomics of the legendary craft of FORGE DE LAGUIOLE, “Le Samouraï”, designed by Ora-ïto for Alain Delon, offers 11 cm of perfection, made from white or black acrylic in polished stainless.

Therefore, they said the launching of this extraordinary pocketknife an unforgettable “event” of the international trade fair “Maison et Objet Paris”. Today, the 8th of November “Le Samouraï” is celebrating his 80th birthday; today Forge de Laguiole Moysset presents this “best of France” item to their American friends.

alain delon ora ito - Happy birthday Alain Delon!

Alain Delon, Ora-ïto and Thierry MOysset.

Today Forge de Laguiole and his manager Thierry Moysset are proud to say “Happy Birthday Monsieur Delon and thank you for your trust!”


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