News - Thursday, 26 October 2023

Forge de Laguiole awarded for its competitiveness abroad!

High point of the tour “Transformons La France” at Toulouse, Gilles Gassou, Managing Director of Forge de Laguiole, was awarded on September 21 with the “Trophée International” by Alain Châtillon, Senator for the Haute-Garonne region.

“With 65% of sales generated in 46 countries on five continents, a dense network of agents and distributors, Forge de Laguiole place international issues at the core of its sales approach”.

“We are proud and delighted by this award,” says Gilles Gassou, “which recognizes our approach, acknowledges the value of our know-how and the importance of the role played by regions in the dynamism of the French economy.

Forge de Laguiole is the factory of excellence that manufactures its knives in the very place of their origin in Laguiole.              

“Transformons la France au cœur des Régions” is a series of forums organized by the press and communications group “La Tribune” and “Régions de France” under the aegis of “Business France”. Debates, meetings, and spotlights on leading regional companies marked the tour, which took place across France from September 15, 2022, to September 21, 2023.


IMG 20231026 142548 1 - Forge de Laguiole awarded for its competitiveness abroad!

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