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Forge de Laguiole experts unite at Maison et Objet 2016

The winter edition of Maison Object 2016 is an opportunity for Forge de Laguiole to put a spotlight on what makes it so special; the exceptional materials that the knife masters work with, the expertise of the shapers, the engravers, the polishers, the incredible know-how that is needed to make the most unique knives in the world. In order to make the gorgeous knife handles several steps need to be followed depending on the material used.

couteaux laguioles au manche dent de phacochère

couteaux laguioles au manche dent de phacochère

Experience the true Aubrac know-how
from January 22 to 26 at Maison&Objet.
Look for Stand P46 at COOK + DESIGN in Hall 5A46

Ram Horn knives

Extremely resistant and cut wafer-thin, Ram horn is used in traditional folding knives as well as pocketknives with a hand-carved bee and spring.

Camel Bone knives

Camel bones have been used since time immemorial by the Tuareg or the Persians to make jewelry, cabinets and knife handles. The structure of the bone gives it its own personality. The camel bone handle is available as a Laguiole pocket knife with traditional hand-chiseled bee and spring.   

Warthog tooth knives

The Warthog ivory comes from the lower and upper canines of the animal. The warthog tooth handle is available in the traditional Laguiole folding knives as well as in the pocket knives that come with hand-chiseled bee and spring. The miter is made of stainless damask steel. The handle comes in double platinum.. 

sciage - Forge de Laguiole experts unite at Maison et Objet 2016

Sciage d’un manche pour la confection d’un couteau Forge de Laguiole.

Mammoth ivory

Mammoth ivory provides quality material that can be carved. Once shaped, polished and cleaned mammoth ivory has a beautiful rugged look. The mammoth ivory handles are now available in the Laguiole sommelier version.

Coral handles

Forge de Laguiole cares about the environment and that is why the company works exclusively with bleached (dead) coral from the Philippines. The expert hands of Stéphane Rambaud created this beautiful Laguiole sommelier and the series of six Coral Tigray knives.

rd som corail - Forge de Laguiole experts unite at Maison et Objet 2016

Tire-bouchon sommelier laguiole manche corail

In the upcoming months expect more news on each of these different materials used to create Forge de Laguiole knife handles. Pass by at our Forge de Laguiole stand to speak in-depth with the experts or order our complete catalog and it will be sent to your home address.

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