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Discover British Gastronomy with Laguiole knives!

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more “in the assault of Pie, turkeys and other Stilton and with a Forge de Laguiole knife!

In spite of all prejudices, British gastronomy does exist, keeping pace with a conviviality full of nuances and in rites.

First, let’s talk about the five’s clock tea, as it remains the family daily main “rendez-vous”

The wonderful sandwiches filled with cucumbers, buns or scones waiting to be eaten, warmth and golden. To butter them with “Contry Life block butter”, marmalade and other jams is a pleasure not to be avoided. The “laguiole tartineur” Lou Bure will do it beautifully.

Puddings and Gammon

There is the Sunday Lunch with its traditional Puddings and Pie: Roast beef with Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and gravy and sometimes two vegetables, Steak and Kidney Pie, Shepherd’s delicious magpie, or roast pork with apple sauce apple, carved in slices with or better without its crackling. The Carving fork and knife Forge de Laguiole with handle of horn are the best accessories in the world ever

Roast gammon

Regarding “delicatessen” let’s mention “Gammon “(the name “gammon ” comes from the French word “jambon”). At its best? of course, glazed and with potatoes. No mistake, to get nice slices, one needs a Carving fork and knife Forge de Laguiole.

Wonderful cheeses!

Least but not less, let’s talk about those wonderful cheeses: Stilton, ” King of blue cheeses «, traditionally made in the Middlands.

Farmhouse Cheddar or Cheddar cheese, possibly the most famous British native cheese all around the world. Born in Southwest England, it is a cheese with a flaky texture, similar to Cantal. (Cheddar is a village in Somerset),

Wensleydale, best of them are sold as “Real Yorkshire Wensleydale’. It looks a bit like a Cheddar, but the common sort is whiter. The rarer type is blue-veined, both have a delicate, slightly sour flavour. Produced in Northwest England.

Shropshire Blue. A Scottish blue cheese invented in 1970 with a mild texture and a yellow hue.

Not forgetting some very nice peculiarities as for instance this Cheddar cheese filled with berries or squares of apricot.

couteau à fromage laguiole 

In the village of Laguiole, it is a common knowledge.  The Laguiole Cheese knife designed by André and Michel Bras  (the well renowned French chef)  is best allies to those wonderful British cheese.

As for corkscrews Forge de Laguiole, they are ready to target those old Port wine ideally pairing with Stilton or Cheddar.

All these models are available in Forge of Laguiole shops at Paris, Toulouse, Rodez and of course at Laguiole (Aveyron). Also, do not forget to visit the factory where the people of the Forge will be happy to introduce you to the two centuries cutlery tradition, always perpetuated by Forge de Laguiole.

Traditional knives made in France

Two centuries ago in a small village located on the Aubrac plateau in the heart of the department of Aveyron amidst the region Occitania began a tremendous story, the story of the knives of Laguiole, Forge de Laguiole immortalizes this tradition by proposing these knives in France and all over the world. From A to Z, the factory carries out every stage of the manufacturing knives in the village of Laguiole according to the cutlery tradition which goes back to 1828. The quality of Forge de Laguiole steel and the excellency in shaping of our blades guarantee an exceptional sharp edge as well as the longevity which made the fame of our knives.  Knife of “terroir, a genuine Forge de Laguiole is unmistakable not only because of the logo Laguiole engraved on the blade, which can mean in style Laguiole, but because it is has been made step by step on its very birth place, the village of Laguiole.  All year around visitors can attend to the manufacturing of our knives in the purest French cutlery tradition and buy our unique items in the shop of the Manufacture.

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