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  • Acheter couteau monobloc Starck Forge de Laguiole

    Philippe Starck knives in stainless steel with high polished finish, set of 6

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  • Couteaux de Laguiole Design Starck Forge de Laguiole

    Philippe Starck table knives in stainless steel with satin finish, set of 6

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The Blade

The manufacturing know-how of our Master-Knifesmiths combined with the quality of the steel guarantee the exceptional cutting edge and a long lifespan, which make the Original Forge de Laguiole® knives famous. They can be easily sharpened and do not oxidize. The sharp cut provides sensations that flatter the senses and complete the pleasure of a lovely meal.

The Taste
Thanks to the exceptional sharpness, Forge de Laguiole® table knives enhance the tasting pleasure of food. Whether raw or cooked, all their flavours are preserved.
The Monobloc
The monobloc, with its sober and elegant lines, is made in one piece in excellent steel forged at 1000°. It has a blade that combines the advantage of exceptional cutting performance with outstanding resistance to corrosion. The handle offers a particularly precise grip thanks to its shape.

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