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The Handle

Precious wood, horn, bone or even mammoth molar - we carefully select the materials for our handles. By hand, our knifemakers carve and shape each individual handle.

The Bee

The bee is one of the symbol on our traditional knives Forge de Laguiole.  It is forged and is an integral part of the spring.

The Stainless Steel

The blades of our knives are forged at 1000° in our manufactory. They are made of a French steel produced exclusively for Forge de Laguiole®. This T12 steel is the result of a clever combination of carbon and chrome - it ensures exceptional sharpness, excellent edge retention and remarkable sharpenability, while maintaining the unalterability of the blade.


Your Laguiole knife requires a minimum of care to stay in good condition and guarantee its longevity.

Do not get your knife wet. We advise you to wipe the blade of your knife with a cloth after each use. 

It is necessary to accompany the blade when closing your knife to avoid dulling the edge with a brutal closing. 

The closing notch of your folding knife needs to be greased regularly.


Discover all our tips for use and maintenance in our maintenance guide for a Forge de Laguiole folding knife.


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