The Bolsters


To protect the handle in daily use, our knives are fitted with end bolsters. The so-called mitres are made of steel or traditionally of brass and close off the handle. They are individually forged and attached to the drilled and polished plates.

The stainless steel mitres. To forge the stainless steel rod, it must be heated to 900° to 1000°. Then the rod is cut to size before finally the mitres are milled out. They protect the ends of the handle in daily use. Our mitres are solid – to ensure lasting strength and to facilitate shaping during assembly.

The brass mitres. Traditionally, the mitres of Laguiole knives were made of brass. However, brass oxidises with time: for aesthetic reasons, stainless steel has therefore replaced brass for the most part today. There are also knives without mitres, the so-called full tang knives. However, the lack of end bolsters makes the handles of these knives more fragile.


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